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Our breeding goal are strong, healthy, athletic poodles with focus on health, character and conformation.


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Poodle is not dog, they’re art!

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They can show you the true meaning of unconditional love and they don’t really expect anything in return except to be loved back.

Intelligent, energetic and just plain pretty to look at, Poodles make great companions for owners who’are willing to spend lots of time with them.

Poodles can typically live until they are about 13 years old and a fair majority of them make it a few years longer. Therefore, you have to be certain that you are willing to commit to having a relationship with your dog for more than a decade and that you can dedicate time and effort to that dog in order to develop the bond you share even further. It isn’t enough just to get a dog, put it in the backyard, and the only time you see it is when you are filling up the food bowl once or twice a day. They need love, attention and time in order to feel like they are really a member of the family. After all, if you are going to get a dog because you want to have that special bond that involves unconditional love, you should want to spend time with them in the first place.

Poodle Life

Poodles are very smart. The first thing you will notice about your poodle is that it makes eye contact and also how they watch you constantly. Poodle also follows you all over the house and will lay down, where ever you are.

Because they are so attentive, they have a very good sense of what you are about to do. So it seems like they are mind reading, but really they just pay attention.
Anything you want to teach them, they can learn and learn fast. That’s another interesting thing about them. They are sensitive and that is something to keep in mind, that is because they are so intelligent and social.

They are very joyful and playful. They are just happy to be wherever you are. You wanted a companion, and you have one.

Our Dogs


Pajans Auenpudel Roadrunner Lui

Standard Poodle Black – Male
22. July 2020
F: Oh Jackson Jun Of Vienna Highlights
M: Angel Of Auenpudel Fulfilled My Soul

Coco Danielle

Coco - Danielle My Waimea

Standard Poodle Grey – Female
28. August 2020
F: Delovely’s Leonardo
M: Atami Ochi Chernye

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Our breeding goal are strong, healthy, athletic poodles with focus on health, character and conformation.


Guidance in all segments of dog ownership: health, nutrition, care, socialization, licensing, training, counselling, handling, exhibiting, competition…

Puppy Placement

The first step in the Placement Procedure is to do some serious thinking. Getting a puppy is not a decision than can or should be made in the spur of the moment. Make sure you are ready to commit to a companion pet for the next decade or so.

Dog Shows

Dog shows are useful to breeders as a means of evaluating dogs for breeding purposes. A conformation championship from a recognised national kennel club is generally considered a reasonably objective indication of merit, as it indicates that the dog has been found to be a superior example of its breed by a number of different judges on a number of separate occasions. Many breeders consider championship a prerequisite for breeding.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Silver Moon Magic is a kennel organization dedicated to standard poodle breeding, promoting the sport of purebred dogs, and breeding healthy and genetically diverse poodles. We stand up for the purebred dog as a family companion, promote the health and well-being of dogs, stand up for the protection of the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.

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29. Oct. 2022 - Seon - Pu-Shel-Mania 2022

1 Day

Seon – 1 CAC

29. Oktober 2022

Clubshow Schweizerischen Pudelclub


Schweizerischer Shetland Sheepdog Club

Organisiert von den Clubs

Richterin Sheltie
Heidi Poschacher (Österreich)

Richterin Pudel
Ute Wellhöfer (Deutschland)

Silver Moon Magic

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Lui – Ana – Coco


Lui – Ana


Coco – Ana


Dejan – Coco


Dejan – Coco


Ana – Lui


Dog Ownership Notes

Adopting VS Buying

Breeders are experts in the business of rearing and selling specialist breeds. So if you have a particular breed of puppy in mind, they will tell you everything you need to know about your chosen canine.

Dogs found in shelters are often rescued from challenging backgrounds and would value a loving home. Plus, you’ll find a variety of dogs to choose from. Bear in mind, most canines found in shelters are adults, so if you specifically want a puppy it would be more difficult.

How to Find the Perfect Pet

Finding the right breed for you
We believe that the bond between people and dogs helps create a better society. Owning a dog can mean years of a happy and fulfilling life together, but it is your responsibility, for the sake of both, you and your dog, to find the right match.

Matching your lifestyle with their needs

All dogs have their own, unique personality, but some instincts and behaviours they’re born with. If a pup’s breed is likely to be an avid noisy maker, he can learn to be quieter, but you need to be prepared to invest time and kindness in hours of education, as being quiet may go against his nature. We can help you to match the natural predisposition in a dog to your lifestyle. If you and your dog enjoy similar things, you will be more likely to live a happy, fulfilling life together.